Pack Fundraising Coordinator

This coordinator is responsible for the major fundraising effort of the Pack.

Pack Committee Patch

The Pack Fundraising Coordinator's main responsibilities are to:

  • Propose fundraising ideas to Pack Committee for approval
  • Research fundraising opportunities for the Pack / Scouts
  • Coordinate or Identify a committee to run other individual Pack fundraising efforts
  • BSA Popcorn (Trails End):
    • Attend District Popcorn kickoff meeting in August/September
    • Distribute Popcorn sales materials to Scouts & parents, explain rules, etc.
    • Schedule Show and Sells with local merchants and schedule Scouts and parents to work
    • Acquire prizes and incentives
    • Collect orders from scouts and turn in orders to District Office by due date specified in
    • Pickup popcorn and distribute to scouts
    • Collect money from scouts and turn in to Pack treasurer
    • Get check from Pack Treasurer and turn in to District Office by due date
  • Actively engage parents, community members and businesses to engage in signing up for Donations (Amazon, restaurants, etc.)
    • Promote these Programs: Pack meetings, Church Bulletins, Banners, etc.
  • Award Fundraiser Prizes at Pack meeting