How is Cub Scouting Structured?

Family Scouting

The Cub Scout program takes place at two levels. Your child will be a part of a DEN, a small group of Scouts in the same grade level. Dens typically meet weekly. During these meetings, Scouts will work on their den’s age-appropriate activities and perhaps play a game or have a snack.

All dens, from Kindergarten through 5th Grade, make up what is called the PACK. Once a month, the dens, along with their families, gather together at the pack meeting. This meeting is an opportunity for Scouts to show off the new skills they have learned during the past month. Scouts will also be recognized for any badges or awards they have earned. The pack meeting may also include a special activity or presentation.

A Cub Scout Pack can be formed in one of three ways. First, a pack may choose to have only boys involved (bottom left). Second, the pack may choose to have only girls involved (bottom right). Third, a pack can choose to have both boys and girls (bottom center). In this option, boys and girls will be separated into dens by both grade level and gender. For example, a pack would have a “boy” Wolf (2nd Grade) Den and a “girl” Wolf Den.

There will be three types of Cub Scout packs: all-boy packs, all-girl packs and packs that include a mix of girl dens and boy dens. Cub Scout dens will be single-gender: all boys or all girls.