New Member Coordinator

You will work with the Pack to recruit new scouts. Make these new families feel welcome and introduce them to Scouting. Be their Point of Contact to help them find the resource or right contact for the request.

New Member Coordinator Patch

What you will do:

  • Form relationships with new members and their families. — Develop relationships with families so that they feel a sense of belonging
  • Coordinate Scout Recruitment Efforts — Be prepared for intro nights.
  • Help organize and promote joining events and be sure all are invited
  • Provide logistical assistance for registering and “learning the ropes”
  • To increase retention as well as recruitment
  • To foster gradual adult volunteerism
  • Spread the word about the long-term and wide-spread impact of Scouting
  • To engage millennial parents
  • Let everyone know the value of what their children are experiencing
  • To coordinate training both online or face to face for new Volunteers.
  • Use your personal networks to reach wide (perhaps under-served) audience
  • Use FUN in engaging new scouts & introducing the program.
  • Be visible and easily identifiable at unit gatherings 
  • Collaborate with districts to ensure successful membership campaigns
  • Work with local schools to build relationships and support